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NE1 besides me running cross-drilled rotors?

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I've inspected my rotors closely and they do not appear to be warped or cracked, however, on HARD braking applications there's this hard grinding sound that sometimes makes me uncomfortable. I spoke with a fellow BMWCCA enthusiast who used to be a master mechanic at a dealership once and he said that the drilled rotors tend to make a crunching sound when mated with heavy metallic compounds...The holes in the rotor is basically acting like a sandpaper on very hard compounds. He recommended either going with a very soft, high carbon compound and live with changing the pads 2-3 times a year (because they're wear down REAL fast) or just live with the noise.

I'm beginning to NOT like these Pagid Street pads...May switch back to Textar or Jurid or go with a popular street/track compound like Porterfield. Any one with drilled rotors care to share their experiences?
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