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Neat Story - Suprised I didn't get a ticket

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Tonight, I felt a little hungry around 12:30 so I decided I'd go to Denny's. The kitchen was closed. :(

So I'm on my "spirited" drive back to the casa, still a little angry, and I turn onto the on-ramp. This particular on-ramp is a long one, so I'm probably doing 100 mph by the time I merge, and keep going to about 120 mph.

I glance in my rear-view and see a set of headlights suddenly gaining on me RAPIDLY, so I let off the accelerator and lightly e-brake back down to the speed limit.

Now I'm driving the same speed as the truck that's right in front of me, and look to the side only to see an Impala police car creeping past me. He freaks me out so bad that I took the very next exit.

No sooner did I get off the freeway, and the Impala turns on his lights, pulling over the poor truck that was safely doing the speed limit. :eek:

I stopped quickly for a little fuel and got back on the road.

I drove the surface road home, which runs parallel to the freeway. I couldn't help but notice that at EVERY SINGLE on-ramp, a cop was stationed with a radar gun and his parking lights on. :yikes: :eek: :yikes:

Were they there for me? ...probably not. But I like to think so! :D

I wish each and every member a safe and ticket-free trip to Santa Barbara this weekend. Don't drive fast. And if you do, don't pull onto the freeway right in front of the California Highway Patrol. :thumbup:

Cool? Cool. See you all there.

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Are police cruisers modified in anyway? It's a rumor around my town that the cops have superchargers in their Crown Victorias.
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