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Need a helmet for BMWCCA driving school.......

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Says "must be snell 95 or later"...

Any other "Must haves" for a BMWCCA driving school?

Any ideas which one(s) are good and where to get at a good price?
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Anyone know of a dealer in LA (preferably in the South Bay area) where I can pick up an SA2000 rated helmet?

One of the schools also said I need gloves, but didn't say anything more. Any recommendations for gloves?
As someone else suggested, I'll get an SA rated helmet rather than an M because not every school will accept an M helmet. I think I'll also get a collar just to be sure. Don't know about the gloves yet.

But, I'd still like a lead on getting all the goodies from someplace local to me (LA Beach Cities) rather than mail order, if possible. I'd like to be able to try things on before I plunk down the cash.

- howard
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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