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Need a helmet for BMWCCA driving school.......

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Says "must be snell 95 or later"...

Any other "Must haves" for a BMWCCA driving school?

Any ideas which one(s) are good and where to get at a good price?
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I would NOT get an M certified helemt for auto use. Get an SA rated helmet.

There is a difference in how they test impact ratings for the different ratings. M helmets are for single impact and sliding. SA helmets for multiple impacts (head moving around in car).

Als SA rated helmets use fire resistant/retardant materials.

For autocross, it is not a big deal, for track days it is.

Also many track days will not allow M rated helemts, so buy the right one first and not have to do it again.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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