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Need advice

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Hello All!

I have a choice to make and need advice. I need to decide whether to buy back my 2004 535i with 85k on it for $15K from my brother-in-law or buy a Certified Pre-Owned 2009 535 i xdrive wagon with 49K for $33K.

Any advice? I plan on driving either car for as long as possible but am stuck with street parking for now which is why I'm looking at used models.


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how deep are your pockets? for me i would consider cost, maintenance, look, mileage. i know that didn't help much... i would probably go with the 2009, but would definitely talk them down a bit more.
To be a bit more specific - 31k looks like it would be a good deal given the mileage, your area of the country, and the fact its CPO'd. 33k would be a pretty average price.
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