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Need advise (550i tran. Malfuc.)

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Long story short tranny was leaking so i took it to a local mech.
Said it was leaking from the pan because the tranny mounts were bad.
He replaced the pan/filter, 2 mounts and the sleeve.
This was about 2 weeks ago and 500 miles later yesterday i recieve the tran. Mal. Decreased acc. Msg on idrive.
Im thinking he put the wrong tranny fluid. What steps should take? Did i mess up my tranny :(
Ne help/advise would be greatly app.

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Find out what fluid he added. Try googling the exact error message. Also see if there are fault codes stored in the car's central computer.
I would take this problem very seriously as a rebuilt transmission runs $4-5,000 plus labor.
You could also hope the tranny was not filed to proper level and has low fluid. I would look for a good Indy that knows bmws

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