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need as much help as one can get

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1995 bmw 540i auto transmission
135000 miles u.s.

car will not shift out out of first, or second gear until about 5000 rpm, then shifts upwards at about 3500-4000 rpm's the rest of the way.

no trans lights, limp mode etc. i do have the triangle with the ! in the dash lit up, what is that??

also the traction control does not work

car will shift in manual mode although a little sluggish.

need help asap as im a full time student and dont want to spend my student loans trying to find out the shop screwed me over.

please help. thanks
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I don't know much about the automatics in our cars (mine is manual), but I would first check the transmission fluid to see if it is full and go from there. Others will chime in, no doubt.

For the response. I'm going to top it off today I hope that'd the problem but knowing my luck its something else I will keep everyone posted. But please everyone continue to post. What to do after topping off. The fluids
Perform the stomp test to see if there are any error codes stored in the computer. Also, it is possible that a speed sensor is malfunctioning. If you are not a good DIY, it may be worth it to take it to an independent mechanic to get it diagnosed and go from there.
stomp test

Tried the stomp test. Didn't work. Hooked it up to a diagnostic machine no codes at all.
Take it to a BMW indy or dealer for futher diagnostics. Our OBD-1 cars do not reveal much re trany function in basic diagnostics. It may be that the ASC light may indicate a traction control problem which in turn may cause what may seem to be trany related issues. I do know that on my 525i the traction control function will reduce throttle input in certian situations to regain traction. Just guessing here...
just pulled up a code

It was a 700 code in regards to the trans. They don't know. What that means. Want me to bring it back. Any ideas. And thanks for the help everyone
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