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need birch trim for E46 sedan

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For those who have purchased this, where is the best place to order it? Best price?
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try your dealer

weirdly enough, i went to my local dealer (BMW Seattle), and asked about the light birch trim... he said he could order it, so maybe your local dealer could give it a shot.

birch trim is an orderable option in Canada, so you could try up north too...

i've got the titanium trim in my car, which i'm pretty happy with, but occasionally i wish i could get something like the birch anthracite trim, that would be perfect.
I'd be very interested in what you find out. Please share if you get any info.
grumpsy said:
For those who have purchased this, where is the best place to order it? Best price?
See my web site:

It's expensive if you have to have it special ordered.


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i think i saw someone selling it on ebay yesterday for about $600. I don't know how competetive this is, or if it is still there - just thought i'd give you the heads up. Search for BMW E46 (long list i know, but it's in there). Good luck:thumb:
I think that is supposed to have a good deal on birch trim for sedans and coupes.

Wow, Eurobuyers brought their price down to $800. It was $1200 not too long ago.

If I wasn't leasing I'd consider it. I wonder how the birch would look with Gray interior. Anyone have pics?

The Birch/Natural Brown sure is elegant. You have very good taste Gary!

I just bought the birchwood kit from Eurobuyer for $400 and the steering wheel insert from Hendricks Import in NC for $138 with the 25% BMWCCA discount.

When I saw it in Nat Brown page and in the Canadian website I have to buy it!

UPDATE: Looks that Eurobuyer had a lot of phone calls today, because it just raised the price of the E46 Birchwood kit that I paid yesterday by $75.00
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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