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Anyone looking for Canadian GP tickets?

I have two 3 day tickets but I can't make it up to Montreal.

June 10: Practice / June 11: Qualifications / June 12: Grand Prix of Canada 2005


This is the first turn of the race. You get to see the start of the race, the first turn, the speedaway after the turn, the pits, etc. Needless to say you will see alot of passing occur here, especially at the start of the race. This is by far the best place to view passes, spinouts, wrecks...

Another bonus to these seats: View of start of race, pits, seats face away from the sun all weekend. The first turn (definitely the most exciting) is directly in front of this section! This turn is where the cars will be slowing down after the straightaway and starting line. Most of the action is on this turn.
Plus, if you have never been to Montreal, this is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. Moreover, MONTREAL IS THE PLACE TO BE during the Grand Prix weekend. It is truly unreal. A must see at least once (preferably numerous times) in one's life.

EMAIL FOR DETAILS [email protected]
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