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hello everyone!

Its been a while. since i got my 04 330 (everythings amazing) my gf been bugging me that she wants one also. So the unfortunate part. We decided to sell her 91 325i and get her a 05 330. Since she doesn't care about the new model and more comfortable with the current style and more so the ($4200) in rebate.

Well, I know that there are a lot of e30 enthusiats, however not many in hawaii that I know of. I would like any advice regarding how to sell this car to a person that would appreciate and willing to buy it for what its worth.

The car is a 91 325i
alpine white
tan leather interior
premium sound (tweeter on door pillar)
power sun roof
power window/doorlock/mirror
trip computer
ac cold and serviced with r12 not a retrofit

always used ONLY genuine parts

recently changed
fan cluch
wiper blades
all belts and hoses
all fluids
4 new tires Bridestone Potenza (stock coke bottle cap rim)

things done thats not dealer installed

window tint
alarm system

always garage kept

mechanically it runs really great

its been in a fender bender accident (driver door hit -- replaced door with another door and repainted) but its been properly repaired all paint on repaired and original still shiny.

well, any advice would be greatly apreciated. :cry: :bigpimp:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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