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Need help from someone with the BMW Parts CD...

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I'd appreciate any help from someone who has the BMW Parts CD... I'm trying to get interior part numbers for a '00 Ci w/Premium Package. I would presume any Ci from '00-present will work but whatever info you can supply, that would be great.

I'm interested in left/right part numbers for:
- interior door panels
- carpet
- rear side panels
- seat backs
- seat base

If you can do a screengrab of said items, that would be great!!!

Thanks for your help and enjoy your bimmers,
-loki :)
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You'll need to be a bit more specific Loki...I'll need:

1) Interior color-Black, gray, beige, Tanin...etc?

2) Leather/Ette...I don't think the premium package on the coupe comes automatically with leather?

3) Do you also want the part numbers for the armrest? Otherwise the premium/non-premium doors are identical.

just curious - what are you trying to do? Do you want to change the interior color scheme/materials of your car? If so, if you tell us the desired colors, we may be able to give you specific part numbers for the colors and materials you want.
Thanks guys, yes... all the parts needed will be black and are only the plastic areas so leather/leatherette isn't applicable (won't need the armrests). The Ci is equipped with the PP package (seat memory).

Basically making the standard full color interior like it was in the old Tanin Red combo...

Thanks again for all your help!

I couldn't find carpet stuff...The seat back and seat base are difficult to decipher so I left that stuff out.

Here are the door panel and rear panel stuff...It's also hard to decipher so I just did a screen dump...there's actually a sh*t load of part numbers underneath the screen. :(

Door Panel

Rear Panel
Thanks for the help Hack, it certainly is a bungle of part numbers! :yikes:

LMK you ever do come across the seat and carpet info while randomly looking through the CD. :D

Thanks again!
loki said:
Thanks for the help Hack, it certainly is a bungle of part numbers! :yikes:

LMK you ever do come across the seat and carpet info while randomly looking through the CD. :D

Thanks again!
Email me...If you run Windoze 98 or later I may be able to help you out.

[email protected]

There are a ton of variations for each of the parts you listed- bet you didn't know you can peach colored trim panels or olive green carpet for example...

Also, from looking at the diagram for the carpeting-- that's going to be quite involved to change since it looks to be 2 big pieces 1 for the front and 1 for the rear. You may even have to remove the dahsboard to install the front piece.

I did the best I could to find the correct trim pieces in anthracite (black), and assumed that you have the regular (not the sport seats). The other ambiuity I encountered was for the side trims for the front seats (the trim around the seat controls). In the diagram there are clearly 2 different trims, 1 for the power seat and one for the regular seat. The description for both of these parts is the same unfortunately and the diagram doesn't list part numbers for these pieces because there are tooo many variations for the different colors. There was no indication in the parts descriptions as to whether the parts were for the power or manual seat controls, so I basically just guessed.

In the case of the door panels, it was also confusing because for the front they listed 2 parts that specifically stated "side airbag" but they only came in some wierd material call Walknappa (maybe nappa leather?). THere were several variations w/ the word anthrazit, so I chose the ones w/ the code E4AT. It got me thinking that perhaps these door trim panels in the front come w/ the leater, leatherette or cloth insert that I know you don't need. But I couldn't find any part that was clearly just the door trim panel without any insert. The rear panels posed a similar problem, again I chose E4AT.

Check out the attached .gif.

Hope this helps- but take it as a starting point-- I woudln't just go and order these parts without doing a little bit more research if I were you-- especiallly on the parts I mentioned.


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How do you get your diagram dispalys on the ETK to list all the part numbers. Mine just looks like this (see attached):


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Woops- figured it out- I wasn't browsing using the "grahic search". I was doing it using the regular text catalog- for some reason, in that mode the diagrams aren't as desriptive. strange.

Anyway Loki,
Was right w/ the part numbers for the outer seat trim in black w/ power seat controls.
The correct number for the seat backs w/ net for both sides in black is:
52 108 235 900. You can also get them covered in leather if you'd like (different part number).

The correct number for the right rear trim panel is the same as the left but the last 3 digits are 122 instead of 121. I had the wrong code in my original list.

The graphic search makes things much easier! :rolleyes:
I'm still working on mastering ETK navigation. I'm almost there on getting all non-US stuff to show. The thing I stikk can't get is how to show PNs for all those Retrofit kits that shows just a pic of a box.
One thing I still can't find is the turn signal stalk-- specically the one w/ the OBC button. I also can't find a retrofit kit for it-- althoguh there clearly is one-- even when I set the catalog to ECE and not USA. Anyone know what parts group its in?
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