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Hey all, Im looking for a indy that specializes in bmws. (older ones preferably) In the Va beach/Chesapeake/Norfolk, Virginia area.

I have a 1995 525i with 206k miles on it. My problem is the Trans program. I have done everything that has been posted on here and that i could think of. I have changed relays, cleaned damn near all the contacts, replaced the pressure regulator solenoid(I got the codes read and thats what it came back as), changed the fluid, tested my battery and alternator, cleaned the shift selector, ect ect.

The stomp test reveals code 1444. No codes stored.

I am not experiencing any hard shifting, except when i dont let it warm up on a cold morning.
My car goes in and out of the dreaded trans program. For example, when i start it up in the mornings its not. after i get to work and shut it off and come back out, (roughly 8hrs) it is is trans program. This is so frustrating.:dunno:

Another symptom is that my reverse lights are out and i have no idea why, the bulbs and everything are fine.

Also when i take out my key it is very warm.

I have an A4S310R transmission, or 4L30e.

If anyone has any ideas, or even a way to bypass trans program, or the location of a very good indy, please please please, dont hesitate to post.

Thank you all.
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