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I have purchased an unfinished BMW E34 with extensive extra parts. I am inexperienced but am selling my daily driver so my only option will be to complete this build. Also, i want to use as many salvaged OEM parts as possible for best value. My plans are as follows:

Build time: 4 months
Budget: $3k
Will be rebuilding m50 engine to include parts from an m54b30 motor to create an pseudo-S50, the details can be seen here
Purchasing and adding brakes off of a 740i or 850i, whatever's cheaper
Repainting exterior to either alpine white or Porsche gray (high gloss)
New suspension, parts tbd but will likely cost around $1100
New lightweight/staggered wheels, most likely from E36 M3 but open to ideas
Need clutch/pressure plate/flywheel, only flywheel will be non OEM

I would love to share this experience with someone else who has a passion for BMW's and enjoys free pizza/beer. Also, I am a professional painter and could work something out to paint your entire house for only the cost of materials. So if you're a BMW Tech or just knowledgeable and want to be a part of an awesome build without any personal risk, give me a call and we'll make it happen.
Dan 215-622-4007
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