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2005 545ia Sport, 2011 X5 35drive
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I have been trying to get help on how to setup or check the primary timing chain on a 1997 4.4 in my 540i/6.

I bought the car with an engine noise that turned out to be the reversing rail and probably the tensioner. Eitherway I have now replaced the rails and need to check that the chain is aligned with the cams. I am almost positive it has slipped a tooth or two due to the chain being loose while it has been apart. Both the Bentley and the TIS do not show how to setup the chain from scratch only how to change it after you lock the cams and crank in place.
How would you put an engine back together after a rebuild? There has to be some way of learning this, someplace?

Does anyone know where I can get this information?


1997 540i/6
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