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need help with 2003 525i (electrical flickering)

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ive searched all over and cant figure this out. i have a 2003 bmw 525i with roughly 150k miles. when i first start the car both of my xenon headlights flicker like once or twice. when driving the lights will flicker randomly and the radio shuts off for a sec. now the whole time my driverside brake light doesnt work. i took the entire assembly out and plugged it into the passenger side cables and it works fine so i know its not the brake light housing. now heres the fun part. when i open and close the vanity mirror on the driver side it like grounds out something and makes the headlights flicker and the radio turn off. i have nooooooo idea why this is happening. any help?:dunno:
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The vanity mirror light test is for the ignition switch, try replacing that first.
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