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I recently bought an 2007 X3 with 100k miles, I bought car as-is and knowing that I will need to put some money, time and effort on it,

I have following issues with my car;
- Airbag, Brake, 4X4 lights are on
- Transmission light comes and goes, tranmission is very smooth while driving
- All buttons on steering wheel and horn do not work,both sun visors light wont turn on
- Key fob buttons wont work, I assume ignition or wireless charger around ignition wont charge it
- Washer fluid and brake bulb fault light are on

I was thinking that car would have bad transfer case gear, I took it a part yesterday and I saw that gear was recently replaced and it is in new condition, I replaced it again anyway.
Added some washer fluid and next day it was gone, I know there is a leak somewhere.
I ordered an ignition switch and will arrive on Saturday, will check if that helps with lights.
In addition to all those cords above I got check engine service light on yesterday whic never came on before, OBD reader says P1782
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