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Hello everyone, i just bought a 2006 bmw 535i with 175000 miles. Car runs excellent but need some brake job....they work great but something is wrong...i got off the freeway and i was pressing the brake pedal all the slowed down but at low speed it kept going forward (Almost had an accident). I took it to this one local shop...the guy drove it and right away he said it needs brake booster (vacuum pump and booster) but i have hard time believing it since i don’t have the issue all the today i found a bmw mechanic and after letting him diagnosis..he came to conclusion that my brake needs to be flushed since it’s all watery..i saw the fluid and it was dark brown...The other mechanic who drove the car and told me its the booster thinks its not the fluid but he never checked the fluid!!!!!:thumbdwn:

I would like to know if my problem sounds familiar to anyone? The booster and pump is costing me around $1000 and that’s by local shop but i find it hard for those to be an issue as brakes work just fine almost everytime besides they never actually tested the booster or the pump...they just drive the car around the block and said oh here give me $1000 (brake booster and vacuum pump):tsk:

Another issue---seat belt light and air bag light is on!! i know there was a recall on it and apparently the recall was done on my car back in 2009...but since i bought it with the light on...previous owner had it diagnosed by bmw dealer and they said it needs a new passenger side air bag mat sensor which will cost just under $1,100 dollar...I’m curious why would this need replacement again as it was done in 2009....could it possibly be reset and still have it functioning? how do i get rid of those lights and not have to pay $1,100.

Any help would be appreciated.:)

thank you!
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