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Hey guys...really need some help. Ive had a gremlin I havemt been able to solve. I won't bore you with all the details and the trials and tribulations leading up to the problem that I have now, but trust me it's a really really long story. I have an 07 BMW X3 that the EML light is on and is in limp mode. The Accelerator pedal is completely unresponsive. Pressing the pedal all the way to the floor does absolutely nothing.I had a mechanic keep the car for 2 weeks and then at the end of the 2 weeks tell me he couldn't figure it out. The relevant code that my mechanic said is the one that I need to pay attention to is code 2D1D.
Due to that code I have replaced the throttle body and the accelerator pedal but still haven't had any luck..( And just an FY I'm not a mechanic by trade but I do have an electrical background). I spoke with another mechanic today about him possibly working on the car- he didn't want to do it but he did offer me some advice. He asked me if I had checked the fuses and specifically referred to a fuse he called an ETC. When googling I'm not able to really find a refined search for an ETC fuse associated with this vehicle. The mechanic even told me that he wasn't a 100% certain that that's what BMW called that fuse. I believe that BMW probably uses a different acronym for this fuse.
So my question to you guys is, "what fuse am I looking for that would be the ETC for this car?" Is it a literal fuse or is it a relay? The more specific and detailed You could be the better and easier it would be for me to understand as a fairly lay person when it comes to working on vehicles. I.e. specific fuse box...location..fuse #...fuse name..diagram...
I'll take any help that I can get and any help given is greatly appreciated. this thing has truly been a booga bear. And if you have any other ideas regards what could be causing this problem I'm open to hearing anything you have to say...thank you so much

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Guessing at the ECU variant…

2D1DDME: Accelerator-pedal module, pedal-position sensor 1, voltage supplymss70Engine electronicsView
Fault Information

Fault Code Description
Fault Code Conditions
Fault Time Condition
Accelerator-pedal module, pedal-position sensor 1, voltage supply
Service Plan

Pedal Position Sensor Potentiometer Supply Channel 1 Electrical
Fault Impact
Voltage in onboard electrical system >= 10 V
Terminal 15 ON

Pedal-position sensor monitor
Service Notes
1) Check fault memory for problem with throttle valve and/or main relay, replace main relay as indicated
2) Check power-supply wire for short to ground (also measure in PWG),
3) Replace DME
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OP: One easy thing to try is pulling, inpsecting/testing, and reseating each fuse. And we'll assume you have replaced your ground straps, but I'd guess they are not the cause.

And, if not already, to disconnect the battery and short the disconnected leads (not the battery terminals!!!), then reconnect. The turn the key to run, but not start, for 10 seconds or so to reset the engine's cam motor.
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