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I have a2002 325xi (built 5/02). I'm doing the V1 install described at:

When I removed the center panel, I found two wiring harnesses but they do not match up with the instructions: I found a 3-wire harness with a black (not white) connector, and the wire colors are not the same as those in the instructions. I also found a 5-wire harness which has a white (not black) connector; this harness did have a green-with-blue-stripe wire, which I tried, but it did not work. (I've previously wired my V1 into another vehicle, so I know how to use the connector tap.)

Is it possible I found the wrong harnesses? (How many unused harnesses can be up there?) The ones I found were easy to find-- I did not have to reach far to the right side of the car. Any suggestions at this point?

Btw, what are these two connectors used for?
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