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Driver's side xenon is out. I have done the usual swap (bulbs,ballast ,igniter). Narrowed it down to the ballast. I left the passenger side ballast in drivers side since it was working and placed the "new" ballast in passenger side.

As soon as I did that the once working drivers side stopped working and only the passenger side now works. If I unplug the drivers side,the passenger side will work.....cant get them to work at the same time.

Anyone have any ideas as to what it could be would be greatly appreciated. Battery,LCM etc.....:dunno:


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Time to break out the multimeter to see what you are getting at the connectors. Could be broken insulation near the connector, or could possibly be a failing LCM. Unfortunately, the wiring to the lights does not appear to be the best, especially after moving it around a lot. Try switching the ballasts again, and use some deoxit on the connectors before putting it all back together. Can't say for sure of course, but I think you have a wiring or connector issue, and the only way to be sure is to check for power at the connector first, and then go from there.
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