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Came across a cheap NBT setup that where used in a F30.
So have been searching the web for information on what I need to make it work in my 2004 545i with CCC pro with logic 7 and all the options that where available at the time of sale.
According to what I have found so far I need a wiring harness but there seems to be confusion about what I need as all examples of upgrades I have found have been from the small 6.5” screen that does not have the same external amp.
Worse I have found some sites that tells me I need an emulator due to different communication speed but others state that this is the “old” way to do it and it is better just to get it coded to work as there are a lot of issues with the emulators.

So my head is spinning. I really want the added functionality of the NBT and especially the speed of it. I purchased a Bluetooth adapter but the Spotify integration sucks so this seems to be the solution for me. If I can figure out how to do it - and hopefully without paying more than a new car in order to do it.

So please, would really appreciate any pointers or sharing of experience. If anyone can help with remote programming then please also let me know.
Thank you in advance.
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