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Ok guys I need a little help. I just got a call from my father and he said that he called our local BMW dealership and actually ordered a 1-Series hatchback for my sister who gets her license in a year. :confused: I personally think he is full of SH#T and that he is just messing with me. But he swears up and down that he ordered the car. He said that the dealer said that it would be available in Jan 2003 and would probably be delivered in June or so. :dunno: I seriously think he is just messing with me because I know that if the 1-Series was available for order Jon would have told us all ASAP!! Anyway if you guys have any suggestions on how I can disprove him let me know...

You can put down a DEPOSIT on anything you want. Hell, I can go to the dealer today and put down a deposit on an M3 wagon. It doesn't mean they'll even ever build one. But if they do, I'll have one of the first slots (I happen to know my local dealer already has a few deposits for the M3 wagon).

I guarantee it is just a deposit. But the salesman may have called it an order. One production slots are actually released, then the car will be ordered.
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