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Hello, I am currently shopping for a 2009 650iC Vert -LEASE.

The car I found ihas a MSRP is $93,000
Want 36 months - 0 Down Just Inceptions - In NJ so 7% Tax-$10,000 Miles - A-1 Credit-Previous Bimmer Owner (Owner Loyalty?)

BMWUSA shows a current lease offer of $799. per month, 36 months 10000 miles this is with $5500.00 Down+Inception ($7700 TOP) with an MSRP of $88,000.

Heres the deal I want and think is reasonable.
1# This 09 will be 1 year old in 2 months, so I think I can expect 10%of MSRP, as the 2010 are available already.

Taken in account that BMW is offering an $6000 incentive on 2009 650i Conv.

I want to pay : $950.00 per month -$1800 TOP. Drive Away Cost- (Security 800ish, 950 1st Payment, about 1/2 Aquistion Fee) I think this is reasonable expectation?

Would love to know Money factor on this Lease Promotion and Current Depreciation Percentages on an 2009 650 i Convertible Lease thru BMW?? So I know what Im talking about a little more when I hit the dealer this week, found the car now need to make the deal! )

Also are you better going 24 month lease on an 2009? Any thoights or help
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