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Need some honest advice...should u keep it or trash it??!!

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Ok, I've had my 95 m3 for 2 years now and one of the first problems I had was the rear shock mount. I had the mechanic put a kit that would fix it temporarily, now the kit doesn't do any good and the shop estimated that replacing the shock tower would cost 1000. The cars got 110k miles on it and I just changed the water pump/thermostat control arms fixed up the torn up seats and replaced the headliner with suede. Does that estimate sound right, do u guys feel it is worth it?????
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Depends on how extensive the damage is. I'd get another estimate from a different shop. It's up to you whether to keep it. Personally, I'd fix the tower(s) and keep it. I'd also wonder if the previous temporary repair was done correctly.

What are you talking about?
The shock tower?

NO.. its about 350 bucks to weld a new one in.
It's not 1000 bucks, depending on where you go to its anywhere between 100-400 bucks, A buddy of mine had his welded for 75 bucks each side when his rear passenger side shock ripped through the tower...

Shop around and get some quotes! Or find someone who's good at welding, go to the junkyard cut the piece you need, weld it on your car, reinforce it and you'll be done!
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