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Need tips to removing stuck heater hose behind engine

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Need some help pulling out a heater hose that connects from the water valve to the back of the engine.

It's #5 from the real oem picture, though it looks nothing like what the pipe actually looks like. I have spent over 4 hour trying to pull, wiggle, nudge, push and pull. I even tried pouring hot, close to boiling water down the pipe, but nothing has worked. :mad:

And yes, I did remove the metal pin/clip that each of these hoses have.

Any tips is helpful. Part #64218378368

The worst thing I want to do is break the male coupling/pipe this hose connects to #7. But if I break this, then i'm screwed :bawling:

For reference, the pipe is located behind the engine where you can't see it, but you can feel around.
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Did that already with the mirror..... I guess what worked was another hour of wiggling after the engine was warmed up to normal temps....

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