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need to add oil; few questions

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1. 6 months; 4900 miles oil low (light came on and checked confirming low level). Is this common to have to add oil around this time?

2. What type of oil should I add. Is any store brand acceptible (Mobil-1.. have seen others comment on ratings not up to BMW recommended specs) and if so what specific type and specs, or do I need to order BMW brand and wait several days until here.

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Seems pretty normal. I added an entire quart (not at one time) over the first 7k miles. I just bought the BMW branded oil, since it's just over $3/quart with the CCA discount. I just bought a case and carry 1 quart in the trunk (just in case I need to top it off).
Add Oil

Are you guys going to go for the 15,000 mile oil change or? Thanks.
Almost 7000 miles so far... haven't had the oil light come on yet. I guess there is some variability here...
Quite normal. I had to add about 1/2 quart at around 2K mi. But had to add more coolent twice. Now at 7200 and scheduled oil change service.
Seems like the 3.0 liter engines consume more oil during break-in. My 325Ci and my buddies' 325i still show close to full on the dipstick after 15,000 miles.
"But had to add more coolent twice."

I don't think that's a good sign.
I will be mentioning to service, but thus far the temp needle did not go over mid-point at any time, even during 105 deg and stop-and-go trafic of our lovely beltway. So, no worries, but cautious :)
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