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Needle in a Haystack

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Just joined the forum, I'm looking to get a BMW cpo soon. Currently driving an '03 wolfsburg jetta and its time to move on to bigger and better things and sell the VW.
What I'm looking for is a 1 or 3 series certified pre-owned in manual with reasonably low mileage. Every dealer I talk to only has 1 or 2 in manual and they keep telling me i'm looking for a needle in a haystack :/. If I can find a 135 or 335 with a good price I'll take it but i'll also settle for 128/328 since they fit my budget more.

The real reason I created this thread is I have heard something about a website that has a BMW pre-owned inventory monitor?, Has anyone ever heard of/used this before? I read that it would email me when dealers get new cars from leases running out etc.

Excited to join the BMW community.
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Go to, click on the Certified Pre-Owned Link, and then search to your heart's content. That is how I found my car, it took a few months (6MT 550i's are even harder to find that 135 or 335's), but I was patient, and found exactly what I wanted. Had to fly up from LA to San Francisco to pick it up, and then had a blast driving it home along the coast.

Good luck!!

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On the site now, thanks, I'm in no rush and waiting for the right one to show up, can't believe how many black bimmers are out there, lookin for gray, silver, or blue
Tom shoot me a PM of what you are looking for. I get a good number of manuals in. I believe I have a blue 335 sedan with manual and two 135 (though I think they are both CV)

I'm in Rockville MD so I don't know if distance is an issue

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2011 135 convertible alpine white/red with 6 speed
2007 328xi sedan space gray/ gray with 6 speed
2011 335i sedan montego blue/beige with 6 speed
2012 335i convertible orion silver/cream beige with 6 speed

We sold the other convertible and the 2013 335i Estoril Blue sedan that was a NA car

Couldn't find anything at our other two locations
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There are five manual BMWs in my family and I can think of at least three manuals at my office (not including me).

They are available. You may need to be patient.

Don't settle.

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I am in the same boat as the original post.
In search of 328 COUPE + MT + LOW miles + WARRANTY. I had been looking for one for the past 1.5 years. 3 dealers in Phoenix valley area did not have anything which suits my requirement.. no private parties as well.
Please post contacts/ links. Looks like i need to fly out somewhere and get it.
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