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new 2008 X5 owner...sat radio question

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I'm happy as a pig in pie with my "new" used 2008 X5. It came nicely equipped with bluetooth and nav, but i want to add satellite radio. It has the option S693A - BMW Satellite Radio Preparation, which I understand to only mean wiring.

If I want to do it myself, what parts do I need to purchase? I also understand that the dealer needs to activate it, but I have ordered the DCAN cable and will be looking at tweaking my codes. If I can also activate satellite that way, then all the better.
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I am almost certain you are going to need the module before attempting any coding procedure. The module isn't cheap (around $950) retail. I am looking for a module for my 2009 328i...I am going to try the salvage yard route before I break down and buy one through more traditional routes. There is also a bracket needed, which holds a cooling fan. There sure has been quite a lot of interest in satellite retro-fitting recently. Good luck to the both of us..
I found a dealer in CA selling it.

I paid for it (paypal is their method). Waiting to get confirmation/shipping info.
Thank you, phl08...I am looking to purchase the same item.
It was too good to be true. The vendor sent me a refund..not in stock.
As mentione elsewhre, BMW is not making this available at retail.

It confuses me as they DO need it for warranty work, so I wonder how they are handling this...someone with a warranty claim MUST be able to get one.

Try speaking to humans and not using google alone to purchase....

I have reached out to several dealers by phone. The current part number 65129192274 replaces former part numbers 65129192273 and 65129162994. It is in stock at all the onees I spoke to...ranging from $800-$1200. The list price is $495 on realoem.

So, I will continue to use google and seek out fellow owners selling a used one. In the meantime, i can use my XM app on my iPhone and pipe in the music through the AUX port.
Hello phl08. I have tried a few salvage yards for this part, but no luck (which is kinda expected, as most cars are fixed and not just thrown to the parts wolves). The best I have been able to find is for $769. I just called my dealer, and they wanted $1100 for it. The car that I am looking to install Sirius in already has HD radio, which has really suprised is really good-making the decision difficult. Update, if you are a BMWCCA member, take 10%off above price...PM me if you want the vendor name
Checking daily, I have searched EBay for the term: "BMW Sirius". Then I sort the results to show newest on top. Today, finally, I got a hit with a valid part number. $399. I'd have liked to find one cheaper, but I bit the bullet. I ordered the bracket and hex but/bolt from bmw of south atlanta.

Once I install it this weekend(provided it arrives by then), I'll reach out to bimmertech for the remote coding/activation. He emailed and told me he can do this, although, technically speaking, I'm not sure as to how that happens.
I know it's an old thread, but it's the only place I found the part numbers for the sat radio
And your question is???
I know it's an old thread, but it's the only place I found the part numbers for the sat radio
OK have the used sirius module module for a X5 2008. Took it to Budds BMW and they say I need to order a new one as they're programmed to a specific vehicle. Everyone seems to be getting them used and installing them......what gives
Use the search feature on this site and use Google and search for Sirius BMW FSC code. You will find people who can generate the FSC code and can assist you.
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