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I just purchased an 88 325is to use as my daily driver. It has a few minor issues and I hope you all will be patient with my ignorance. Problems in order of importance:
1) The key only works for the drivers side door. What is the best way to get a universal key? Do I have to go to a dealer as I must do with my 95 M3?
2) I removed the carpet and it was completely soaked. Looks like someone tried to clean it the wrong way. What is the best way to remove the carpet from the very front of the console underneathe the air conditioner crap?
3) Any tips on removal and replacement of the the dashboard?
4) Besides a chip and exhaust, what are the best "bang-for-the-buck" performance upgrades?
5) Where is the best place to purchase exterior body parts, i.e. front spoiler?
6) Are there any PDF user manuals or how would one get a copy of one?
7) Can one just replace the interior computer (provides temp, consumption, clock, etc) with a used one?

Thanks again for your patience.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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