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new 330ci - read this if ure considering BMW

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Anyone thinking about a BMW please read this. I've been surfing this board for over a month while I was waiting for my Topaz Blue 2002 330Ci to arrive. OMG, this thing is amazing. I was amazed from the scond I saw my baby on the lot. This thing is a beauty, the sound system was GREAT (contrary to popular belief) if you're not looking to blow your eardrums out (I loved it even tho I listen to rap a lot). I loved the speed, but the thing no one here has described is the pure handle of this car. I have taken turns at 3-4 times the speed limit reccommended and she just hugs the road harder everytime. If you have any doubt about buying this car, ask me. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me (OK well close). Everyone on the street wants to race me (I don't recriptocate), and people turn around and stop to admire the beauty of my car. Words can't describe the feeling of planting your foot down on the accelerator and sinking into your seat as the engine revs to 6500 (so much for the break in period). Hell I have an automatic and I don't care that its not the fastest thing on the road, because muscle doesnt matter. This is what heaven feels like. :bigpimp: Everytime I leave her, I look back and turn around not beleiving I own her (ok well lease). I take windy back roads just to make my trip longer. Ok well I could go on, but I need to go look at my car again and take a little drive. Sorry for this pointless bubbling...
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sounds like someone is happy with the car ;) and shifty...whatever you posted is dead
shifty said:

Mystikal said:
:lmao: @ Pic
Bummer, the pic is gone. Must have been a good one? :dunno:
It was this picture of Yakov Smirnoff (from his web site):
lol I remember him on Nightcourt
Cliff3 said:
It was this picture of Yakov Smirnoff (from his web site):
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