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New 330i - Help Please

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Hi All,

I collected my new E90 330i last week and i love the car. I am a UK expat living in Saudi Arabia and i traded my E46 325i for the 330i and I can't believe how far advanced the E90 is compared to the E46 (also a great car).

I have iDrive/Nav/Bluetooth etc etc however I'm having some difficulty with the speed limit warning as it has been set at 120kph and I can't get any success in trying to reset it to a higher speed. I have successfully changed it in iDrive and the screen shows the new limit (135kph) but the chime still comes at 120 and "LIMIT" is displayed in the dash controls in a red circle and the monitor says "Speed limit exceeded" along the bottom of the screen. I believe all Middle East cars have to conform to some kind of warning at over 120kph therefore I guess this has been done by BMW? Does anyone know how to overcome this as it is a bit annoying, especially with the monitor as the CD-track-clock info is covered over by the "Speed limit exceeded" info and is not shown until I reduce speed below 120? It's not the end of the world but I would like to get rid of this chime at this low speed for the future.

BTW, I have used the voice command to change the limit successfully and also the "accept current speed" function and the monitor shows the new limits I have input. It still chimes at 120????

Any help would be much appreciated.
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If you have reset it correctly via the iDrive menu, there's not much anyone here can do for you. Take it to the dealer and see what they can do. If it's a requirement in your country, then you are stuck. :(

Congrats on the car.
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