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Picked up my 2002 330i on Saturday.... and absolutely loving every minute of it :D

Orient Blue / Gray Leather
SP, PP, Xenon, Step (yeah I know...)

Thanks to The Hack, Plaz, SONET, Kaz and others for helping me out last week. After many emails and phone calls with SoCal area dealers, I finally ended up at Pacific BMW in Glendale and bought from an associate named Dominic who I highly recommend -- straight shooter and all-around nice guy. I did send an email to Jon Shafer but he didn't have the color I wanted in stock, and couldn't wait for factory order -- sorry Jon :rolleyes:

I am holding back the anticipation of putting the pedal to the floor in order for the break-in period to subside, but man... this car is a beaute! Absolutely love the Orient Blue. Compared to my prev car, Acura CL 2.3, the car just pulls like a tank. Am a lil' ambivalent 'bout not getting the manual -- auto just more convenient for me -- but the Steptronic holds it's own quite well. Anyone know the 0-60 clock on a 330i slushbox?

Anyways, will post pix as soon as I have time to shoot some.... will need to wash car of course -- brake dust already settling on wheels after 120 miles!

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