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New 520d arrived and navigation not activated

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I've just taken delivery of a new 520d saloon M Sport. Beautiful car. It was transported down from Immingham and was a pre-reg. It arrived with 16 miles on the clock.
Now, my fear is that it did not have a proper PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection). The navigation system was not activated (massively inconvenient), and the car was very dirty on arrival. Aside from the navigation are there any other signs I should look for to check if the PDI was done or not?
It also only had the standard owners handbook, and did not have the navigation/comms separate handbook, nor the usual BMW folder for holding official documents. Was I missing anything else?
Any help much appreciated.
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Go back to the dealer and demand that the nav be activated and the car detailed.
Been referred to a local dealer, had the nav fixed. Now waiting to hear from the original dealer/broker on what happens next.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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