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New-b to E30s. Need some help. (photos included)

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I just bought a 1986 325e. So far everything is mechanically fine, except the AC blows but doesnt blow cold. My windows don't go down either. The guy I bought it from tried taking the door panels off to find out the problem, he said he thinks it's the regulator. He actually did more damage than before. My odometer doesn't work. And my speedometer goes in and out. I think it might be a short or something because when I hit a bump it will either go out or go back on. Only my back right speaker works. Again, the guy that I bought it from tried working on it, but only made things worse. I figure there might just be a big wiring problem throughout the car because the idiot I bought it from put a new dash, put a new radio in himself. And I dont think he knew exactly what he was doing, but maybe I'm wrong.

I don't want to worry about a paint job or rims yet. But I want more low, nicer seats, nicer door panels, etc.. Can someone help me find out where to purchase such items? I'm only 16, but I have lots of potential. I'm still learning the inner-workings of cars. I'm extremely interested in e30s though. If anyone can help me get more familiar with these things, i'd appreciate it!


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first off 16 certianly isn't too young to start working on the E30s, i was 16 too when i started with them! :thumbup:

for the speedo issue, there is a plug on the back of the diff i bet has started to slip out. be gentel with it because they are brittle 20 years after production!

for the windows, what windows dont work? also is the car four door or two door?

for the stereo, a bit hard to diagnose without seeing it in front of me sorry. pull the radio and check all the connections are right. also check the equaliser settings in the menus of the stereo to check left and front arent faded out by accident
If the back windows are not working it could be the small square lock switch by the gear shifiter (which locks the back windows). Also do not over-look the east stuff, before ripping out the window motors check the switches.

Find yourself a haynes / bentley service manual

Looks alright in the pictures!
It's a four door as you can see in that last photo, but none of them go down.
Thanks guys! That really helped. I just bought an old Bentley Service Manual.
16 Full Respect ........

You have chose on eof the best BMW ever to get into your smart and have good taste.

It looks nice they all need work from time to time but as your man says check all switches connections etc it is mostly something simple a lot of the time.

You have your service manual and good support here in the forums im new here too and theres some great experience.
I guess the windows is going to be easy. Do E30's have a curcuit breaker feeding the windows like my E23? Check all fuses for clean contacts - spray with contact cleaner. My E30 has manual windows so not a problem for me. The speedo etc could be SI batteries - a fairly easy fix. If the genius radio fitter PO got too ham fisted he could have pulled out or dislodged or not refitted correctly plugs to the dash cluster. Take time to unwind wires to give you the max length for your repairs. You will be suprised how much 'extra' wire there is available if you are careful. Oddo is probably the little nylon gears. There are videos on this site for the fix which is $15. Get a manual and good luck with what I guess is your first car.
Thanks guys, all this is really helping me out. I'm surprised everyone is so helpful. I hope to learn more!
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