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new battery and panoramic roof

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I would like to install a new battery myself but the owners manual leaves me hesitant..
"Following interruptions in electrical power, for
instance, when the battery is disconnected, it is
possible that the panorama glass sunroof will
extend to its tilt-up position, but fail to respond
to other commands. The system must be initialized.
BMW recommends having this work carried
out by your BMW Sports Activity Vehicle
Center." Anyone encountered this?
2005 x3 Thanks
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good video

Thanks much! Battery has a black dot in window, multimeter shows 12v w/car off and 14 with car on. Seems to start fine. may just throw a trickle on it try to get a green lite.
I've opened the sunshade but never the glass, with all that I've heard i'm afraid to open for any reason.(leaks, sticking etc). If i replace battery probably just hook the charger during the procedure. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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