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You may have seen a few posts where I mention that my car was hit last week. How's this for ambulance chaser like tactics though (with a twist).

I've gotten calls from 3 different autobody repair places saying:

"Just calling to confirm your appointment to fix your 2002 BMW 330i. You'll want to bring it to the (fill in town name here) garage."

The first one almost had me, until I confirmed the Autobody Shop's name. I had never heard of anything like this occurring before. I wonder how many people fall for this, staling business away from other autobody shops through trickery.

I asked the first one where he got my phone # and infromation that I was in an accident. He told me that it's in the Police logs at the police station, which is publically accessible. Pretty bogus in my mind...:thumbdwn:

Has anybody else heard of anything like this happenning? Whadda you guys/gals think?
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