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@ new bumpers both with a flat spot just off centre on new m Sport rear bumper

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Hi Guys...
Was wandering if anyone else has experienced this before?

I had a light bump to my rear bumper and had it replaced however this is the second bumper from the approved BMW repair center (ARC) (in South Africa BMW actually provides a list of repair centers you should use to maintain the original condition of the vehicle) and the problem is that even first as well as the second bumper each have a small flat spot on them when you look at it in the light, both deformities are in exactly the same place. (See pick below where i circled the this is not my catual car just a pic off the net to show where the problem is) They seem to be arriving from BMW like this. If you look at the bumper it is just off center to the right, maybe an inch or so to the right off center at the top just above the PDC level in terms of height.

I know its a brand new bumper and definitely the second one and no the first, i asked to see the one they removed just to make sure.

The question I have is, has anyone else experienced this or is it just my luck to get 2 duds!!
Im really fussy over my cars they must look and work perfectly:)

i'm also going to call BMW South Africa tomorrow to see what they say.