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New Car Back at Repair Shop Pt II!!

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Well, here it is now 8 days after picking up my new car and the dealership will officially have my car for 3 of these 8 days!

Today, when I started my car, I got a red brake light and yellow ABS light. . . so I'm figuring I have a faulty ABS sensor.

My main question is this, how long before I can invoke the lemon law on my dealer? This is the third time the car is at the repair shop for two different problems (the first being a faulty idle control assembly). I don't want to have to bring my car back to the dealership every week for a different problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- One unhappy owner
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Every State has it's own Lemon Laws. There are a ton of websites devoted to this. Just do a Google search. Or, contact your local Better Business Bureau. They can be very helpful it matters like this, especially if thing get nasty between you, the dealer and BMW NA. BBB helped me arbitrate a complaint against VW some years back. I won, too.

I for one am sorry to hear this news about your car. Just plain sucks.

Keep us posted - we'll help you out. :)

edit: here's some links to get you started:
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Ackster said:
No sense putting in all of this equipment only to have to tear it all out a few months down the road. That and the fact that BMW will probably blame all of my future electrical problems on the aftermarket stereo system. :dunno:
This is a good idea. You're right, they may try to use this an excuse not to support warranty repairs.

Oh, almost forgot - have you signed up with BMW CCA yet? Most of us here have. Tons of benefits to being a member. One of which is access to BMW CCA Technical Advisors. These guys make the dealer mechanics look like monkeys. They've been invaluable to me in getting straight answers that I couldn't get from the dealer. You can find one in your area by looking in the Roundel (the pubilication of the CCA). If you don't have one, let me know what area of the city you are in, and I can look one up.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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