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new car care (interior, exterior)

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What should be done to a new car to insure that it will stay in good condition? My car has been waxed, and the dealer cleaned the inside. Should I use a leather protectant right away, or is it okay to wait until the leather needs to be cleaned?

Also, I got some off odd black gunk on my jacket and then on my Sand leather seats. I bought some ArmorAll leather cleaner/protectant wipes and cleaned the stuff off. Is that stuff safe? It is okay to use it on just part of the leather seat without using it on the whole seat or will I end up with mismatched seat color later on?

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Rourkem, most here do not like Armour all, it has some additives in it apparently that can cause cracking on rubber, vinyl, most likely leather too.

Personally, I would get a leather cleaner or leather finisher for your interior and do it once a month if I were you. Not sure which brands are best, but Pep boys stores carries a few brand names for just that purpose of cleaning leather. Leave the Armour all for the Honda boys. ;)
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