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Well, my old Clarion VRX925VD DVD headunit crapped out right before I stored my car for the winter.

I've been looking at other Clarion units to upgrade to that would allow me to keep my other major Clarion components (6 Disc Changer, Dolby Digital Processor, Sirius Satellite Receiver, etc.).

The VRX755VD is a brand new headunit that also has a sweet IPOD control interface. The headunit keeps all of the functionality of the IPOD and displays it on the 7" LCD screen (see pic below).

The other nice thing is this headunit has all the same functions that my 925VD had but without the separate external "brain". I always hated the fact that I had to find space under my carpet to place the brain. Everything is fully integrated into the 755 headunit. :thumbup:

Total cost was around $1,070. This included the headunit ($900), NYS Tax (bleh) and a five year Philips warranty ($78). I didn't want this headunit to fail after two years and to be stuck with ridiculous repair costs.

I'll install this myself after the car comes out of storage (April 1st if all goes well).

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