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rear brake ducting

rear brake ducting

i am from europe. I dont understand that word? Whats it mean?

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gotta say, one of the nicest looking 3ers I've seen.:thumbup: :thumbup:


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thanks :)

: the aire mess grill is a optical part of the rd bumper side skirt kit

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i must say this is the nicest 4 door ive seen so far.... almost nicer than a 2 door :D it a 325 or 330?? :dunno:

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You have got one beautiful car there!

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That is a hell lot of upgrades, geeze, i still donno what u r driving :lmao: but :thumbup: :thumbup:

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same brand as the shampoo: wehrle's metalick polish and sometimes turtle beach wax for a quick job.

and 3 M polisch for scratches

my car
hehe the type is there somewhere. Upgrades yeah this is my list
Exterior parts

 E 46 sedan saloon: Farn green metallic
 Racing Dynamics front bumper R35
 Racing Dynamics side-skirts R35
 Racing Dynamics rear apron R35
 Racing Dynamics style (Hagus) mirrors painted
Racing Dynamics plate holder (25 euro)
 Racing Dynamic rear road wheel, RS2, 19 X 9.0 (3 piece alloy-silver)
 Racing Dynamic front road wheel, RS2, 19 X 8.0 (3 piece alloy-silver)
 Tires Dunlop sp 9000 265/30 zr 19 rear (35O euro/1 piece) and 235/35 zr 19
 Rolled fenders
 Hamann eyelids
 Taillight Lenses Clear Parking Light Lenses Clear Sidemarkers
 Titanium Trim for the headlights
 Croom kidneys
 Door pillars painted in high gloss black
 Trunk handle painted in green metal color
 Black anti-sun banner + logo "Bmw tuned car club"
 90% rear + 50% rear sides + 30% front sides glascoated windows
 Blue interior lightning bulbs
 BMW 3 aluminium polished and blue lightned (no bulbs) bmw (high power)logo door sills
 The mess grill R35 back and rear painted silver
 Black high gloss under the window trim oem bmw
 Roof top spoiler Ac Schnitzer
 Foglights
 Colour code door handles
 Debadged
 Oem Bmw trunk aero spoiler

I.c.e installation

 Oem radio cassette business RDS & CD
 Oem trunk CD 6 piece change/storage system
 Oem 6 speakers soundsystem
 2 battery install system: front oem battery/rear optima battery
 Second long lasting battery Optima yellow top in rear trunk 54 amps deep recycling type for independ power to strobes and ice/music installation (Fully rechargebel to 100% if power is 0%)
 Power relais for cutting power connection to the front battery when motor is not running
(i can draw all power out of my rear batttery and still start my car with with a 100% front battery)

Interior parts

 Racing Dynamics dead pedal/foot rest
 Racing Dynamics gas and brake pedals
 Racing Dynamics floor mats (rug 4 piece RD crest embroidered)
 Racing Dynamics aluminum shift knob with Racing Dynamics logo
 Racing Dynamics aluminum e brake handle with Racing Dynamics logo
 Isotta aluminum shift knob frame
 Oem titanium trim interior
 Oem chrome steering piece Oem bmw
 Oem front storage sunglass package + cassette store + roll down shielding
 Oem 4-function on-board computer
 Oem full automatic airco
 Oem sport leather steering wheel
 Oem leather front centre arm rest
 Oem bmw alarm

Motor upgrades

 Alignment tires
 Sport air filter K & N
 Green Street glow stroboscoop lightning in middle front bumper
 Profesional Whelen 60 watt transformator + 4 white clear hide away strobes in front fogs/corners with 9 rotating flash pattern + Whelen 4 switch
 Cobra Sport springs lowered 40 mm/2 inch front and 6O mm/3inch rear (custom made)
 Oem Sach and Boge sport shocks suspension

and now the remus exhaust

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You found it. :) Its a 1,8 L 4 cylinder.

The lights are a whelen strobe css66O 4 hide away strobe set. Its for car shows. On the movie you dont c a lot of them. My camera is to slow to capture all the lights flashing.
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