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new exhaust pics

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i must say this is the nicest 4 door ive seen so far.... almost nicer than a 2 door :D it a 325 or 330?? :dunno:
That is a hell lot of upgrades, geeze, i still donno what u r driving :lmao: but :thumbup: :thumbup:
johnlew said:
Forget the exhaust, that's one shiny bumper in the second shot!
I agree, so pmmeke, which wax/polish do u use?
Re: thanks for the compliment :)

Pmmeke said:
Wel the reason is 2fold

1) when i first started i wasnt planning on modding my car.
This is the picture of the car i bought originaly
The car must be dirt cheap when you bought it, well, i hope, considering all the upgrades you made....

Anyways, great job :thumbup:
Fabulous, amazing, fabulous, ran out of words...
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1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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