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I have a 2007 X5 E70 3.0d and I'm looking to change the the exhaust pressure sensor as i think it's causing my DPF to regen too often (part: 3.0d&diagId=18_0672#13627789219). I believe the sensor should be calibrated when installed?

I've only discovered the world of Rheingold ISTA/D yesterday. (nothing installed yet)

I'm confident I can get ISTA/D running in a VM on my macbook air following all the instructions I've found, with a D-CAN cable.

Before I embark on it though - how difficult is it going to be to calibrate this sensor? The software looks like you could do some serious damage to your car if you just went crazy not knowing what you were doing (worst case - brick it?).

Should I be concerned? how hard would this specific task be?
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