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New Feature Added This Morning...

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***New Feature(s) Added This Morning***

I added a bunch of goodies today.

Check it out!!!


Only at The 'Fest...
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Looking good! :D

You at work today? :p Can I visit you? :D
u might like to turn the "Adobe" word into "Adobe Acrobat" hyperlink pointing to this url:
Take a drive up the coast today Vincent!

Gorgeous day today!!
VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Looking good! :D

You at work today? :p Can I visit you? :D
John Shafer is the man :thumbup:
Hey Jon,

With the VIN ranges, are the vin numbers sequential for the same model.

According to the chart you've got KM00000 as the start for the vin range on the 2002 330i's. I own KM00053, so does this mean I'm the happy owner of the 53'rd 330i built for 2002?

Here's a neat online VIN decoder, try it out.

In my VIN, my assembly plant was denoted as "P". I looked at all the references I could find online but could not find any reference to "P". I called BMW and they told me "P" was for Munich. Anyone else have the "P"?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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