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New Fuel Pump

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My baby needs a fuel pump. not too bad for 100 beans.

I will through it in Sunday morning... :angel::angel:


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Not bad indeed! Where did you pick that up for $100? How did you know it was the fuel pump? Did you put in a new fuel filter as well?
I got it from amazon. the car was having hard starts and was becoming sluggish on the highway at higher rpm. I put in the new pump Sunday morning. She starts and runs well now.
Before you swapped them, did you have a hesitant throttle response - mainly when cold? That's what I have now, along with a sorta hard start.
Not sure if I noticed a slow response when cold. I usually went easy on her till she was up to full temp.
Hi all.

The same problem Costa. And with anew fuel pump. Maybe something else.

If any news on this I'll report back.

Best regards
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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