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Hi Jon.... i'm a new member and hopefully will get my car soon if those damn union workers would get back to work....:banghead:

well... i plan to mod my car already... hehehe, but i dont want to void the warranty on most of the stuff (intake, exhaust, chip, etc..)

could you give me a few companys that i can get mods from that wont void my warranty, i heard dinan wont void the warrant? true?

edwin yee

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Hey edwin, welcome to The Fest!

The way to think about voiding one's warranty with
vehicle modifications is the same as the way that a
court would look at causality in regards to a legal issue.

For instance, "but for that exhaust, would the
bake rotor need replacing"? The answer is obviously
"no". Modifications really only void a warranty
if they are material issues in the chain of causality...

Most of your common E46 mods are just fine.
Even reprogramming the ECU, or a "chip", will
only be a problem if the defect is related to it.
Dinan does have a sort of recognized working
relationship with BMWNA. From what I understand,
they match BMWNA's warranty on the stuff that they do.

Areas to avoid: reground camshafts, altering
electrical systems, turbochargers, superchargers, ...etc.
Keep the mods "moderate", and you shouldn't have a problem...
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