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Well, not physically much of a kid anymore but you guys know what I mean.

Just wanted to give an official "whats-up!"

A couple years backs when I purchased my first 325i and didn't have a clue about e30's, just happen to buy one cause it was cheap and was in need of a ride. I ended up selling that car 2 years after for the same price I got it for and ever since I found myself thinking about that car everyday. So I've finally decided to give in to my love for the E30 and here I am. Last week I happen to find a 89 325i from the original owner with 89k on the odo but shes going to need a lot of work. So I can only ask to gain some knowledge and support from all you pro's on this site.

Thanks for reading! Pics coming soon!

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welcome to both of you!

VE30 : Anaheim is a nice city. I stayed there for a week when i went to US and A. niiice. was a Days in across the road from a Dennys resturaunt and about 5kms away from Disneyland. may have distance a bit messed up, i was about 8 years old at the time but i remember most of that trip vividly.

Gold Chariot : You might like to join, it is a very active New Zealand BMW website. I am a member there just as mush as i am here. Im _ethrty-Andy_ there. This forum is a lot more laid back than there though, bimmersport is a pissing contest most of the time!
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