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New M6 Owner in DC/MD

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I just purchased an '07 M6 a couple of days ago with only 19K miles on it, and am still getting used to this fine automobile. I traded in my '09 Cadillac CTS-V for the vehicle, and the M6 will be my daily driver, as the CTS-V was. I also own an '09 GT-R with a Stage II mod, which I drive two or three days a week. As part of getting to know the M6, I would like to get in touch with other M6 owners, who can provide driving tips. I am accustomed to driving in manual mode and shifting via the paddle shifters on my GT-R, but on the M6 there are other settings. I am also trying to figure out why the car hesitates between gear shifts. I believe the shift points can be configured to increase or decrease. I know after time I'll figure it out, but helpful suggestions would be great.

I would also appreciate recommendations for service shops in the area, preferably Maryland. Since I am out of warranty I don't have to take it to a BMW dealer, and besides, they probably charge a premium anyway. I'm just looking for a shop that is honest, reasonably priced (for an M6 anyway!), and does quality work. I am also exploring the possibility of purchasing an extended warranty through my credit union.
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Is the group active?
not much activity here. i hangout mostly at m3post, bimmerforums, e90post, m3post, 6speedonline, and nccbmwcca. a lot more interaction there
Try BMWexcluservice in Rockville - brought my sons 2006 X3 there for repairs and they seemed to be honest and did a good job
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