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Hey everyone I'm C.R. from fort smith, Arkansas and I have a 93 318i 4 door that's Alpine white all stock I've had the car since I was 18 (26 now) but it has sat for few years because of other projects but decided to put it back in service and start building it. I've mostly been into LS based cars and trucks so im thinking about pulling the under powered 1.8 and dropping in a 5.3 with a 6 speed from a newer Chevy truck or possibly doing some sort of Turbo motor. Nothing is set in stone as of yet though as I just pulled it out from the weeds few days ago and got it running again. Anyways looking forward to talking to you all/getting ideas for the car. Here's a pic of it I just took after its first voyage on the road after several years of sitting. Cheers


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