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new member looking at his first bmw

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So I found a 94, 525i BMW for sale and I was looking for some opinions from some of this forum's fine members. I did some wikipedia research and am pretty sure it has the M50B25 engine installed. The mileage reads a little over 200k and my question is, how many more miles, assuming it's been decently maintained, can I expect this automobile to push out for me?
It's listed as 3600 by the way if any of you would like to comment on the legitimacy of the deal

I appreciate any help
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Sounds like it has potential. Manual or auto? Proof of recent maint projects? I think $2500 would probably be as much as I would pay. If it is super nice with solid records and cosmetics, I don't think $3600 is outlandish. :dunno:


here's a link

I'm not sure how to post pictures directly, but here's the craigslist link. Supposedly there's some oxidation all over the coat but I don't think I've seen one (especially in my price range) without a little bit of it. I got in contact with the guy and he has all service records AND is open to negotiation. However, I'm not sure if my bartering tactics are quite up to the level of talking people down nearly a $1000 from their original price haha

and it's an automatic
I just clicked the link, and the listing seems to have expired...

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So an auto trans 525 with 200k and paint issues is overpriced at $3600. No bartering techniques required. If you are shopping socal CL, you should be able to find a better buy than that.

Now if an auto trans is what you want, and the condition meets your needs, make an offer, worst thing they can do is say no. Then you move on to the next one.

People ask for a LOT more than their cars are worth all the time. This does not mean you have to pay what they ask. That is probably a $1500-2000 car, regardless of what the owner wants, that is the market value. The reason the value is low like that is mainly because these are maintenance intensive vehicles, especially as they age. It will last a long time but you will have regular cash outlays to keep it in good shape.
I would agree. That is overpriced.
I don't live in cali, I know cars are more expensive, here in Wisconsin a minty fresh 525 at that mileage is worth roughly 1600. According to kbb. I paid 500 for my 535, it has so rust, no rot 167 on the clock, a head gaskets just starting to go and CSB.

I would weight for that deal. They are out there you just gotta keep looking. 3600 is way out of line, in my opinion.
Offer half what they're asking and go from there. You'd be surprised how low people will actually go on their asking price. A friend of mine just bought a car for $700. Asking price was $2500.
People with a LOT of time on their hands ask more than their cars are worth. Don't deal with people whom the difference in asking price vs market value is important. If someone is going to overprice a car by a grand and isn't willing to negotiate they are either foolish or hoping you are.
People ask for a LOT more than their cars are worth all the time.
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